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As a top-rated editor on Fiverr, I am primarily interested in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, erotica, and similar creative writing forms. I am also experienced in financial and marketing copy, business plans, and high-level executive editing. Looking to find collaborators and assist in projects that have a net positive impact on communities. I have edited for W. W. Norton & Company and have had many editorial works published (examples below).


$55 per 5K words. Line editing and proofing.
This means I'll be working at the level of the sentence. This service includes edits for punctuation, capitalization, sentence flow, term consistency, repetition, and general voice.


 $80 per 5K words. Developmental editing.
This service includes everything from the Basic Service (see above) as well as developmental comments in the margins of your manuscript. These developmental comments will cover paragraph flow, chapter breaks, general story structure, character voice, setting description, awareness of literary trends, genre tropes, as well as cuts in word count, if desired.


 $100 per 5K words. Comprehensive revisions.
Everything included in Basic and Standard (see above) except, rather than returning the edits as comments that you would then fix on your own, I'll perform all revisions myself. This may include writing new content, rearranging structure, or changing confusing sections myself. Less work for you! I will return a clean, formatting-ready copy of the manuscript to you with all changes made.

Published Editorial Work