what’s in-progress?

the holiness project

March 2020 - present

a series of eleven short stories about the concept of holiness. the stories move through each of the ten commandments of christianity and are based off of interviews with individuals from my hometown from miscellaneous religious backgrounds. plots from an old woman working in a cemetery to a teenage boy having hallucinations in an amusement park line. collection is currently seeking representation.


February 2021 - present

stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway” for performance on a post-COVID stage with a minimal set. centered on Dalloway herself, a one woman show with other players appearing into the story when necessary. play is currently seeking representation.

Still Love Me

October 2019 - present

70,000+ word queer dystopian YA/New Adult novel covering themes of climate, identity, and spirituality. Gen and Mira, two young women, go on a quest to find a way to save the planet, includes Wiccan practice, swordfighting, identity discovery, lesbian dressmakers, and all of the ideal excitement for YA fiction. novel is currently seeking representation.

self is a jail cell, and i have keyed the walls

May 2020 - present

chapbook of poetry under 30 pages in length. split into two parts: “self is a jail cell” and “and i have keyed the walls.” experimental poems describing a pathway to understanding identity and self that requires destruction of the mental and ideological prisons we place ourselves in. chapbook is currently being submitted.

Death Talk

April 2021 - present

short film. film is currently seeking funding and investors for production.


June 2020 - present

Information can be found here. play is currently seeking representation and further production.

want to collaborate?

forever - eternity

ideas for writing/performance/book clubs/any other kind of art collaborations? that’s amazing! reach out to me at lippold.lillian@gmail.com or on any kind of social media at @lilliannnngrace .